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Digital Marketing important for Small business
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Why digital marketing is important for small business?

Why digital marketing is important for small business?

The challenges for small businesses to compete with the giants seems an impossible task. Still, when understood and appropriately executed, small companies can achieve significant growth by utilising digital marketing with the right strategy. Small businesses are wondering how to get on with their operations as we are approaching the end of the first wave of coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. Cash flow situation got a bit complicated by the lack of businesses, but there is some help with the availability of government loans and grants. The fundamental pains are still there and will become more complicated if not managed well. Let us explore how digital marketing can benefit small businesses and how you can reach your customer faster and more effectively.


Digital marketing has the flexibility and effectiveness to bring befits to your business without spending any additional money. If you already have a staff member who has one-hour free time every day, there are tools and methods available for you to start marketing your business online for free. Digital marketing allows you to partner with someone else to create a win-win situation for both of you. For example, if you are a restaurant owner, you can enable the local florist to advertise on your website, and in return, you can promote for free and target florist’s customers. If you throw in some vouchers, you are tapping into some new customers online who would have never considered your business before.

Immediate Results

Completely free options take time to turn into sales. Still, if you can allocate a small budget, you can start to utilise various advertisement options to target, specifically your potential customers. Here you are proactively targeting your customers rather than doing a campaign and hoping for the best. If you forecast a dip in a sale, this will be a great option to fill those dips. This spend does not just fill those gaps, but it will add to your existing customer base so the benefits will compound wherever you a new loyal customer if done correctly.

Trust and Credibility

This is more than a brand and image. It is about letting your customer know that you are online and your customers getting to know you and feel good about doing business with you because you appeared online a few times and shared some useful content. It is vital to have a decent website and social media pages to represent you with some value-adding content. The first impression counts, so planning and execution are critical here to get it right.

New Customer Segment

Being online 24/7 and being available to serve customers in real-time bring in several new customers who were not available to small businesses before. Small businesses need to present themselves to be found online and be ready to do business with their newfound customers. With the advanced technologies in the mobile phone, the digital marketing can take the small business to a new reach to target mobile customers.

Performance measurement

The ability to monitor the performance of your digital marketing performance online is probably one of the best advantages for smaller business as the budget is usually limited. This is a significant advantage over traditional marketing. Having the insights through Google Analytics, etc. give you the power to respond quickly to the results with refinements based on your customer’s feedback.


Bringing the sales back and generating additional cash is critical for survival. It is time for you to consider the benefits of digital marketing for your business as it offers excellent benefits for all sizes of the companies if used it correctly. The first step is to find some credible agency that you can work with as there are so many agencies offering a multitude of products, and it is difficult to know what is best for your business. However, you should feel that you are getting the value for your money, and one of the ways is how the agency demonstrate accountability for the spend. At DigiSetGo, we went to a greater length to ensure that you get that feel from your first call to us. Our consultants not only have digital marketing knowledge but also must have business qualifications and industry experiences before they speak to our customers. So, they understand the need of the business and their pains without you having to explain it to them explicitly. All the solutions should be relieving those pains of your business. DigiSetGo keeps the cost down while providing world-class service by partnering their projects with Startup Xperts in India who has won several awards and one of the reputable digital marketing agencies in India. Our monthly feedback accountability reports are reviewed and presented to you by a qualified and experienced business professional with digital marketing qualifications, who have years of experiencing dealing with business issues from weekly scorecards to monthly management reports and schedules.  They are experts in dealing with non-finance and non-digital people so that business owners can focus on their strength, which is adding real value to their customers.